Our ornamental chicken breeds

TJ Chickens

Belgian bearded d'Uccle


An original bantam breed, there is no larger counter breed. Beautiful showy chickens. The picture is of "Duke". He is of the mille fleur, (thousand flowers) coloring.

Very docile pet chickens.


D'Uccles are available in several colors. They have fluffy cheeks, a beard and long leg feathers.


We sell a variety of chicks and also ship eggs from d'Uccles.

Mille Fleur d'Uccle hens


D'Uccles do have whiskers:)

These little hens are excellent mothers and we often let them hatch other types of eggs.

Mille Fleur hen
Juvenile porcelain d'Uccle pullet.

d'Uccle- pronounced dew-clay. Meaning (of the town) of Clay.

Porcelain eggs available.

Porcelain Rooster

Golden necked d'Uccle hen

Eggs available

Big boots!

Young white d'Uccle hen

No longer raising white d'Uccles