Banner Queen Ranch Exotic Birds

Banner Queen Ranch, located in Southern California is home for a herd of the famous Chincoteague Ponies. (

The less known jewels here are the vast array of exotic birds who help support the ponies and horses.

We breed fine exotic gamebirds such as Silver and Golden pheasants, pea fowl, Guineas and a variety of quail and partridge, as well as ornamental chickens. Also raising bantam call ducks and Indian Runner ducks.

Chickens include Seramas in many colors, beautiful laced Sebright bantams in silver, golden and buff colors, Belgian bearded d'Uccle bantams in mille fleur, porcelain, golden neck and Brown/red. Bantam Ameraucanas.  Mixed color Polish crested, and a variety of Silkies!

We also have a small breeding collection of Scarlet macaws, Congo African Greys, Goffins cockatoos and Pacific parrotlets. Most of our parrots are sold for private and zoologic breeding collections, but are all handraised to be people friendly.


The majority of our poultry and gamefowl are used for producing fertile eggs so that other people can enjoy hatching these beautiful birds. We ship eggs anywhere in the U.S. so you can hatch your own for your aviary. This is often a less expensive way to intoduce new bloodlines to your existing flock, or find birds that are otherwise difficult to come by in your area.

This does not include any type of parrot eggs, as they cannot be shipped. We have a closed facility for biosecurity and new stock is hatched from eggs.

We also provide a hatched to order gamebird or chicken service.

DNA services are available.


Our birds are not artificially forced into egg production, so eggs and chicks are usually only available seasonally, with the exception of chickens and Runner Ducks, who tend to lay year round. The parrotlets can also be quite prolific since they live indoors!

Tell us what your interests are, and we will let you know about the availability.


Here are a few of our birds! Please see other pages for a look at all the birds :)

Scarlet macaw



Silver Pheasant   

Eggs and chicks available late spring.

Shipping for eggs only. Chicks available for local pick up.

Red Golden Pheasant

Eggs and chicks available late spring.

Shipping for eggs only. Chicks available for local pick up.

Goffins Cockatoos

Babies available early spring only.

Will not ship.


Goffins are the clowns of all cockatoos and the only species of cockatoo that we now keep .  They are small for cockatoos and very energetic. They play hard, chew lots and escape often!


Pictured is a new Goffins baby!



Pair of Goffins Cockatoos FOR SALE